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Hello from Ambeego! We recently rolled up our sleeves to shape the digital dreams of Addigence, an up-and-coming avant-garde NY-based startup. From sketched ideas on Figma to a polished, fully functional app crafted in Flutter, we’ve journeyed together, every step of the way.

About Addigence:

In a Nutshell: Addigence stands as a beacon for emerging portfolio managers, enabling them to accumulate assets smoothly and swiftly.

πŸ” Behind the Curtain:

With a mix of Computer Science wisdom and blockchain insights, our team blended tech prowess with creativity. The result? A fusion that’s a bit nerdy, a bit artsy, and entirely awesome.

🌟 App Features We’re Proud Of:

  • Hedge Fund Simplified: We’ve cracked the code to make things streamlined. Portfolio managers, this one’s tailored for you! πŸ“ˆ
  • Investor-friendly: Start with just $7.5k and enjoy a transparent experience. Zero hidden fees, robust tools, and top-notch security. That’s the Ambeego promise. πŸ›‘οΈ
  • Elevating Finance: We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. A better financial world? We’re on it!

🌱 Our Vision with Addigence:

This wasn’t just about building an app; it was about shaping a platform where talent finds its stage. As the saying goes, “Smart money finds smart people,” and we’ve crafted the perfect arena for that to happen.

Dreaming of bringing your designs to life? You know where to find us!

πŸ”¨ Technologies & Tools Used for Addigence App

Figma & BalsamiqDesigning the user interface and creating interactive prototypes
FlutterBuilding a cross-platform mobile application
DartPrimary programming language for Flutter development
BlockchainEnsuring secure and transparent transactions
FirebaseAuthentication, Cloud functions
PostgreSQLRelational database management system
DockerContainerizing the application for consistent environments
JenkinsContinuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
AWSCloud services for hosting, storage, and scalability
GraphQLAPI development for optimized data-fetching
Git & GitHubVersion control and source code management

Our Grand Design: Transparent, adaptable, and empowering, Addigence is redefining the contours of modern portfolio management. Together, we’re setting the gold standard. πŸ†

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