πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Dunit: GPS Invoicing

Hello, world! 🌍 If you’ve been tracking our tales from the tech trenches, here’s another gem! Meet dunit, our two-year(on-going) passion project with a trailblazing startup from the UK.

Deep Dive & Discovery: Being the tech geeks with an undying love for UX, we didn’t just nod and note. We dived deep. πŸ” We did the market analysis, the user testing, and countless feedbacks, and from wireframes to prototypes, we have an automated GPS Invoicing app.

Initial Phase (Research): Our endeavor began with an emphasis on GPS-centric invoicing. However, extensive analytics and user feedback illuminated a need beyond just GPS functionalities. The user flow for invoicing was redesigned countless times until the very complex concept was made simple, and stupidly easy for tradespeople where we included simple invoicing for another large set of users as well, kept the sign-ups really simple, no extra permissions, detailed onboarding, extra messages, FAQs and a support email to not let any user feel trapped.

Competition was studied over and over to keep the tool ahead of it and we realized in the AI age, we have to introduce AI functionalities making Dunit smarter for our audience was an urgent need too. Given the importance we place on user experience, we delved deep into market research. We identified that while some competitors offered flexibility, others presented disjointed user flows. A consistent user request was the real-time invoice preview. With these insights, our team embarked on an iterative design process.

Design & Development: We embarked on a design adventure for Dunit from scratch. 🎨 Wireframes emerged, were tested, critiqued by our real MVPs – the users, and refined. Their feedback, not to overhype, was the secret sauce. 🍯 Many iterations later, a high-fidelity prototype saw the light of day, promising an app that was not just functional but fantastically user-centric.

Final Product: The culmination of our efforts is the “dunit instant invoicing” tool. A user simply sets a job location, and the system automatically generates professional invoices, ready for dispatch upon job completion. With features catering to varied invoicing needs, from day rates to fixed fees, real-time previews, and in-app navigation, dunit stands as a testament to our commitment to intuitive and user-centric design.

Key Features of dunit:

  • Automated Invoicing: Just set the job location, and dunit takes care of the rest. Invoices are automatically generated, leveraging advanced location-aware algorithms.
  • Flexible Charging: Users can opt to charge by the day, hour, or a fixed fee, providing versatility based on the nature of the job.
  • Organized Dashboard: An intuitive dashboard allows users to track jobs, view active tasks, completed assignments, and manage contacts.
  • Professional Invoicing: The platform ensures that all essential details are captured, producing polished, professional invoices.
  • Invoice History: This feature provides clarity on sent invoices, outstanding payments, and payment receipts.
  • Fixed-Price Options: Allows users to charge a uniform price for all hours or days, hiding the specifics of time and days worked.
  • Time Editing: Users can easily modify the recorded time with a simple tap.
  • Integrated Navigation: Users can access travel directions directly from the app, optimizing their daily workflow.

πŸ”¨Β Technologies & Tools Used for Dunit App

Figma & BalsamiqDesigning the user interface and creating interactive prototypes
FlutterBuilding a cross-platform mobile application
DartPrimary programming language for Flutter development
FirebaseAuthentication, Cloud functions
PostgreSQLRelational database management system
DockerContainerizing the application for consistent environments
AWSCloud services for hosting, storage, and scalability
Git & GitHubVersion control and source code management


We take immense pride in our contribution to the success of dunit, and we look forward to further enhancing its capabilities in line with user needs and industry advancements.

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