πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ ShopLive: E-commerce

Immerse yourself in the future of eCommerce with Shop Live, a trailblazing platform conceived for our prestigious German client. In a bustling eCommerce landscape, Shop Live breaks the mold, introducing the novel concept of ‘Live Ecommerce’. This platform provides an arena for sellers to engage in real-time with customers, merging the power of live-streaming with the convenience of online shopping.

Shop Live, an epitome of sophistication and simplicity, offers an impressive suite of features. User onboarding is seamless, with easy sign-ups via Email, Google, or Facebook. The platform facilitates dynamic product exploration, interactive live-streaming, and efficient payments.

Distinguishing itself further, Shop Live brings an innovative referral program, empowering users to expand their roles within the platform’s ecosystem. With a rich digital wallet feature, Shop Live enhances the buying experience, introducing the ‘Buying Diamonds’ feature for gifting during live sessions.

From a seller’s perspective, Shop Live offers a comprehensive dashboard to manage products, track customer behavior, and monitor revenue.

Live-streaming is the cornerstone of Shop Live. Not only can buyers watch sellers’ live streams, but they themselves can also host broadcasts to market their products. Interactive features such as comments, emojis, stickers, and gifts inject a lively social dimension into the buying process.

We’re proud to present Shop Live, a revolutionary step in the future of eCommerce.

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